Alexion in Australia

Alexion is focused on providing innovative treatments to patients with devastating and rare diseases for which there are few, if any, effective treatment options.

In 2008, Alexion began operations in Sydney to serve patients in the Australasia region. Our approach to serving patients is driven by education and a passion for understanding and meeting the unique needs of patients and families suffering with ultra-rare diseases. These include disease education programmes to raise awareness among physicians, and diagnostic initiatives to reduce the multi-year delays that patients with ultra-rare diseases often face, even when a safe and effective therapy is available. By expanding the knowledge and awareness of PNH and aHUS, our teams help the medical community improve diagnosis and treatment of severe, life-threatening diseases, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

To further advance the understanding of PNH and aHUS in the Australian population and across Asia, Alexion Australasia sponsors disease registries that enrol treated and untreated patients who are diagnosed with these conditions, including the PNH Registry, aHUS registry and other local independent registries such as the TTP registry, incorporating other thrombotic microangiopathies, and the Aplastic Anaemia registry. This is our commitment to ongoing research into the rare conditions that our therapies treat.

Alexion is currently conducting multiple clinical trials throughout Australia for treatments in new therapeutic areas. Our focus is on disorders that are severely debilitating and life-threatening for which our therapeutic candidates have the potential to provide a life-transforming impact. We are committed to the safety of patients who take part in our trials, and uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our research initiatives.